The Team

Welcome to the Lab …

Like any big technology business, Tribal has teams of developers working behind closed doors, building our various tools and solutions. ‘Tribal Labs’ is a sneaky insight into that world, where we get a chance to showcase some of the ideas that are still bubbling in test tubes, and share some of our thinking about future technologies that will inspire and inform us all.

The team (below) will do our best to be your guides through the lab. We would love to hear from you – either by commenting on the blog or via Twitter.

Ben Lowe
Ben has been involved in designing and implementing systems in the education sector specialising in facilitating complex processes, actions and data visualisations in intuitive and targeted solutions that optimise the users’ productivity and experience. Follow Ben on Twitter.

Ben Smith
Ben has ten years experience in management consulting, building and managing IT Services for government organisations. He specialises in open data and mobile technology, which he has presents and writes about regularly and is interested in processes and approaches to fostering innovative environments. Follow Ben on Twitter.

Chris Ballard
Chris is an Innovation Consultant in Tribal Labs and is an expert with analytics, big data and data mining/machine learning. He is responsible for inventing innovative solutions which help people understand complex data to make better more informed decisions. Chris is passionate about how Learning Analytics and Big Data can transform education, and is currently working with a university to see how data collected about student activity can be used to support students and help them reach their full potential. Follow Chris on Twitter.

Chris Whitehead
Chris has over thirteen years experience with software development as an architect, tech lead, development manager, programmer and researcher working on a range of web and mobile solutions using Microsoft .NET technologies. He is a keen researcher into utilising cloud paradigms helping to join “on-premise” enterprise applications to the mobile user.